Readers Comments

I have just finished your book and want to say, “congratulations on the excellent work you’ve done!” It is poignant and powerful and I believe the Lord will use it to change lives, starting with my own. I love the way you move from your experience and the stories of others to challenge the reader to take advantage of opportunities to learn from others right where we are, to grow in our understanding, to be more like Jesus…lots of ways to move into the truth you have been describing…bravo!

As Jesus challenged Peter and Andrew “to come and see” as to where He dwelt, so does the book, Learning from the Least, challenge us to take a closer look at the peoples and land God loves. Although, Andrew and Karen Bush have given me glimpses over the years into their life and ministry in the West Bank, and I have heard and read accounts of the 2002 Intifada written by a good friend… I was overcome by the impact of this large story encompassing the suffering, growth and witness of people trying to serve the Lord in the midst of conflict and danger. I have been challenged to go to the cross, to look and see what God’s power looks like in this world. 


Learning from the Least  is a truly remarkable book, with the combination of the discussions of history and the role of Christianity and Christian mission over the centuries with personal spiritual development and experiences of the reality of the occupation.  _______________________________________________________________

I have finished your book.  Thank you so much for giving me a copy!  I deeply appreciate a) that you have taken up this cause in the church, and b) that you have done it with such insight, thoroughness, and integrity!  I think the book makes its case as richly and as powerfully as can be done, including everything from moving personal stories, to humor (the American protecting his shoes in the Philippines!), to in depth biblical theology applied to the point.  You must already know that you have a phenomenal skill with writing.  This book was truly a joy to read.