HCF Manila Project

HCF ground breakingAndrew and Karen spent twelve years in Manila, from 1987 to 1998 in the Philippines where they planted Harvesters Christian Fellowship. HCF is now a movement of five congregations which serve the business community, families in Manila’s  inner city, and a rural community of farmers.

along the tracks ManilaBeginning with a Bible study in an animation study, HCF ministered to young artists and their families. Shortly afterward it launched outreaches to several university campuses. Since its founding HCF has been a vibrant young church of creative professionals. Moved by the desperate need of families who live in Manila’s slums, HCF began outreaches to families who live along the railroad tracks that pass through the center of Manila. These shanty towns are concentrations of human suffering. Beginning in a single shanty, HCF developed a growing congregation which in turn has planted other daughter churches. The inner city congregation, HCF Manila, has a weekly outreach to Manila City Jail and to families who live in the city’s largest cemetery. It founded a pre-school, and fixes a warm breakfast for the kids every day.

In a humble homeRecently HCF broke ground on a new church building for its congregation Bulacan. This congregation serves families who have been relocated from the railroad tracks. It will serve as a multi-purpose facility for their worship, pre-school, and feeding program.

Andrew and Anthony MagnoAndrew and Karen travel regularly to the Philippines as they continue to listen to and support the leaders of HCF. Andrew and Karen’s ministry supports national pastors of HCF and helps fund their feed program, school, and other outreaches.

You may support the ministry to the needy of Manila and national pastors with Andrew and Karen!

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