IMG_0017In Manila, the Philippines Andrew has worked for 25 years with Harvesters Christian Fellowship. HCF is a lifeline to hundreds who struggle to feed their families on a day to day basis. Projects of HCF include:

  • A daily feeding programs at three different locations in the city
  • A pre-school for families that live in Manila’s depressed center city
  • A weekly feeding program for families who live in Manila’s largest cemetary
  • Regular medical clinics which each serve hundreds
  • Financial support and ministerial training for national pastors

Andrew iphone transfer Septer 25 2013 001On the West Bank and in Gaza through the Palestinian Bible Society Andrew brings relief goods to families and youth. These projects include:

  • Support for Living Stones summer camps for kids which provide an alternative to violence
  • Warm garments for youth in a juvenile facility, the House of Hope, in Ramallah
  • Support for an annual Christian book exhibition outreach to university students
  • Water filters for families in Gaza who already have a sick family member
  • The free distribution of Bibles

Andrew also travels extensively to mentor leaders in Manila and the West Bank and to equip others for mission.

You can make a difference!

You can help bring hope to families on the margins. Over many years Andrew has personally observed the integrity of HCF and the PBS. These brothers and sisters in these ministries serve sacrificially without asking for help. Your support will touch lives in a meaningful way.

Andrew receives donations through Mission Ministries, PO Box 6546, Santa Ana, CA 92706. Please make checks payable to “Mission Ministries” and noted for “Bush/Manila” or “Bush/West Bank”. Your donation is tax deductible, and you will be receipted promptly.

You may also visit the website of Mission Ministries at and make a donation through Paypal.

Thank you!