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Andrew is an expert in cross-cultural Christian mission. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in international missions and is a scholar in mission theology and praxis. He is a frequent lecturer in churches, retreats, colleges, and universities on trends in contemporary missions, the challenge of engaging with Islam, a Christian response to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and discovering creative ways of participating in the mission of God.
Andrew received his Doctor of Ministry Degree from Princeton Theological Society.  He holds a post-graduate degree in theology from the Ecole Biblique Français in Jerusalem, Israel and a Master of Arts Degree in Theology from the Alliance Graduate Seminary in Manila, the Philippines.  Andrew earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architecture from Princeton University.  His wife Karen Bush is a licensed midwife and holds a Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Andrew has wide experience with groups from many denominations including Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregational, Assemblies of God, Mennonite, Lutheran, Vineyard, and non-denominational. As Andrew states in Learning from the Least, his journey has led him to identify himself essentially as a follower of Jesus.

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