Introducing “Learning From The Least”

With the majority of the world’s Christians now living in the non-Western world, Christian mission has become a global movement. The mission of Western Christianity now faces the challenge of laying aside the preeminence and privilege it has long enjoyed in global Christian mission, and embracing a new role of servanthood in weakness alongside its sisters and brothers from Asia, South America, and Africa. Such a transformation in historic patterns in mission requires not just new strategies and techniques, but a renewal of its spirituality. How can the spirituality of Western mission be renewed?

learning_past By learning from those non-Western Christians whose lives on the margins reveal anew the One who emptied himself of the prerogatives of glory on the cross to serve humanity out of utter weakness. Learning from the Least invites you to a journey among Palestinian Christians to meet radical peacemakers who are making courageous decisions to reconcile with those who are customarily reckoned as enemies. eir radical servanthood out of weakness is a prophetic challenge to Western Christians, a call to lay aside the prerogatives of power and wealth, to question triumphal theologies, and to discover again the vulnerability of the way of the cross.

Learning from the Least is now released!

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Book Recommendations

“This book is about these peacemakers who are light in the darkness and the salt and hope of Christ within despair. They are the living testimony that the reign of the Prince of Peace has begun! Although powerless and marginalized, their witness is an astonishing departure from all forms of missionary triumphalism. They humbly carry forward the mission of Jesus, who in his resurrection proclaimed, ‘As the Father has sent me, so send I you!’ For all Christians who love Israel, for all who have compassion for the Palestinians, for all who are concerned for the ‘all nations’ of the Great Commission, this book is must reading!”David W. Shenk, Global Consultant, Eastern Mennonite Missions
“With the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other it is easy for armchair preachers and teachers to pontificate as to how Christians should position themselves as they view the Israeli/Palestinian conict, but it is something far different to become existentially involved in that situation as a missionary. Andrew Bush and his wife have done the latter, and in this book he not only tells of their experiences, but utilizing biblical studies and theologically based ethics helps the rest of us who seek justice for both Jews and Palestinians to define what we should propagate and do to live out the mandate to be agents of reconciliation.”Tony Campolo, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Eastern University.
“Most Western Christians will be amazed someday to see Palestinian followers of Jesus joining the throng of worshippers around the throne of the Lamb. Andrew Bush will not be in the least surprised. He sees it already—Arab Christians standing alongside Messianic Jews and Muslim-background believers, in joyous solidarity with millions of others from the Majority World brought together in reconciled relationships with each other and with God. Bush is at once prophet, preacher, and priest in his passionate appeal for Western Christians to journey with, listen to, and learn from “the least of these” that God has called forth. In this timely work, Bush issues an urgent Kingdom Travel Advisory: “Stay home … at your own peril!” The journey that Bush is proposing here will help Christians everywhere round out the picture of what God is up to in the Middle East and beyond. I heartily recommend the journey and would love to wish all assenting voyagers “safe travels” … though with Jesus as the principal tour guide, that probably can’t be guaranteed!”James R. Krabill, PhD, Senior Executive for Global Ministries, Mennonite Mission Network, Adjunct professor at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary.